Thursday, August 12, 2010

MOONSHINE gallery !!!!!!!

This Saturday, we are opening the Gallery of MOONSHINE, dreamworks artists...after dark!!
it will be at the notorious NUCLEUS Gallery in south Pasadena, CA...i'm so excited !!!!
i started the project of the book a year ago along with POV and angela featured more than 40 artists from DREAMWORKS exposing their personals art.
the book is published by DESIGN STUDIO PRESS.

It's going to get release really soon ...

Spread the word !!!!


baptiste said...


Ce que j'aimerais être aux USA là.

j'ai hâte de voir le livre!


PaoYunSoo said...

vraiment super taff !

Tattoo said...

Is it possible to get one as I'm living in France? How can I do to buy one?

Nico said...

OUAIII Mec je l'ai commandé sur amazon....Enfin je crois....Biz

XAV said...

commandé aussi... c'est trop long d'attendre :D

Andrew said...

Christophe - I just wanted to drop a quick thank you note for the career and portfolio advice and signing at the Nucleus Gallery this last Friday. It was a pleasure meeting you and so many of your peers, and I wanted once again to express my sincere gratitude in taking the time and talking with me. I really appreciate it! :)


Andrew LeBlanc